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One day workshop


Vet Nurses, Vets

This comprehensive workshop for veterinary professionals steps into the core skills that are instrumental to success. Without these soft skills, being able to administer the medical care is far more challenging. Behavioural aspects are addressed, encouraging a balance between professionalism and approachability to maximize a trusting relationship.

The workshop addresses the emotional demands of the profession. Veterinary professionals learn to navigate challenging scenarios while prioritizing their well-being, fostering a holistic approach to client interactions that enhances both patient care and practitioner satisfaction.

Key learning areas:

  • Refining consultation skills
  • Emphasizing effective communication
  • Holistic well-being approach
  • Fostering positive client interactions
  • Language patterns, body language cues and conveying complex medical information in a comprehensible manner
  • Time management techniques to ensure productivity with minimal stress
  • Resilience and self-care

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