• Ophthalmology I: Ophthalmic Diagnostics and Introduction to Surgery of the Eyelids

    This course is designed to develop your skills so you can increase the repertoire of your clinical abilities. Our ophthalmology workshop provides high detail, focused practical teaching for a specific number of common and important ophthalmic situations and problems.

  • Ophthalmology II: Management of Corneal Disease and Advanced Ophthalmic Surgery for the General Practitioner

    Take the next step to further enhance your ophthalmology skills with our Ophthalmology II workshop. This course is designed for experienced veterinary surgeons who already have skills in performing basic ocular surgeries. In this workshop you will focus on more complex procedures that will allow you to gain confidence in treating larger eyelid tumours, entropion cases and progressive corneal ulceration.

    It is recommended that attendees to this workshop have a minimum of 5 years clinical experience and/or have attended our Ophthalmology I workshop.