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Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Available for: Veterinarians

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Cost: $1.899

Expected Value: 16 points

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One-day workshop for Vets

Take the next step to further enhance your ophthalmology skills with our Ophthalmology II workshop. This course is designed for experienced veterinary surgeons who already have skills in performing basic ocular surgeries. In this workshop you will focus on more complex procedures that will allow you to gain confidence in treating larger eyelid tumours, entropion cases and progressive corneal ulceration.

It is recommended that attendees to this workshop have a minimum of 5 years clinical experience and/or have attended our Ophthalmology I workshop.

Key Learning Areas:

• Medical management of corneal ulceration
• Basic principles of wound closure
• Decision making for ophthalmic surgery
• Planning for success in ophthalmic surgery
• Triangle-triangle rotational eyelid graft
• Read procedure for lower lid entropion
• Lateral canthal closure procedure for entropion
• 360-degree conjunctival graft for corneal ulceration

Additional information:

CPD AU: 16 points
CPD NZ: 8 points

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  • Dr Kellam Bayley

    BVSc, CertVOphthal, Dip ECVO, MANZCVS, MVSc (Dist), Registered Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology

  • Dr Robin Stanley

    BVSc (Hons), FANZCVSc (Ophthalmology), MANZCVSc (Surgery)