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Two day workshop


Vet Nurses

Nurses in the emergency areas of veterinary hospitals have highly critical patients, warranting advanced surgeries and procedures for stabilisation. We as the nurses monitoring these critical patients must be able to utilise and interpret advanced equipment.

Day 2 for emergency and critical care nurses builds on the knowledge gained from Day 1, with a practical focus of performing both basic and advanced life support within a team and ultimately empowering ECC nurses to take a lead role in emergency nursing.

Key learning areas:

  • Continuous ECG monitoring including the likely and expected cardiac arrhythmias in critical patients
  • Capnography monitoring including interpretation of the capnograph waveform in ventilated patients
  • Mechanical ventilator use and the nursing care of recumbent and ventilated patients in critical care
  • Placement of arterial catheters for arterial blood pressure monitoring and blood gas analysis in critical patients
  • Blood gas interpretation
  • High risk patients and their stabilisation
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation with special emphasis on advanced life support
  • Facilitator


    Marcia Fletcher

    Dip VN (Distinction), Registered Veterinary Nurse Specialist, Senior Veterinary Anaesthetic Technician & RECOVER CPR Instructor, VTS in Anaesthesia & Analgesia