Ultrasound II: Intermediate Ultrasound

Take your Ultrasound skills to the next level and broaden your ultrasonography use in practice with this intermediate II workshop. This workshop will help to further enhance your ultrasound skills and refine your scanning techniques for more advanced applications in the abdominal organs. To get the most from this course attendees should have attended an Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound workshop and be reasonably confident in their basic ultrasound skills in evaluating larger organs.

This course will help you to utilise your ultrasound equipment and optimise image quality, giving you the confidence to broaden your clinical ultrasound use.

Key Learning Areas: 
  • Recap on machine function and technical adjustments
  • More detailed ultrasound technique for major abdominal organs: GIT, liver, spleen, kidneys, 3 major lymph nodes, pancreas, reproductive tract, urinary bladder and gall bladder
Additional information: 

CPD AU: 16 points
CPD NZ: 8 points



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