Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound

Confidence and proficiency in ultrasound takes practice. This workshop works through the foundations of Abdominal Ultrasound, so you can do more in your practice for your patients. Gain confidence with your ultrasound skills by learning the principles and spend time applying these in the practical hand on workshop.

Learn from our specialist and develop your abilities so you can discover what your ultrasound equipment is capable of.

Key Learning Areas: 
  • Machine function and technical adjustments
  • Positioning and preparation including sedation options of patients for ultrasound
  • Ultrasound physics
  • Workplace health and safety positioning of staff and equipment
  • Ultrasound technique for major abdominal organs: GIT, liver, spleen, kidneys, 3 major lymph nodes, pancreas, reproductive tract, urinary bladder and gall bladder
  • Pregnancy
Additional information: 

CPD AU: 16 points
CPD NZ: 8 points



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