Dental Radiography – Every Patient, Every Time!

Virtual Workshop

Full-series Dental Radiographs are an important step in performing a thorough oral assessment, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Taking dental radiographs can have its challenges! The varied anatomy of our veterinary patients, along with the bi-secting angle certainly makes obtaining diagnostic radiographs for every patient, in a timely manner a challenge.

In this interactive workshop we will look at how the veterinary nurse can introduce techniques aimed at reducing the stress and strain that dental radiography brings to the practice. We will look at the top tips in setting up for the successful production of diagnostic images for every patient every time. We will look at the Simplified Intra-oral Technique where full-series diagnostic radiographs can be performed successfully and efficiently, along with the steps the veterinary nurse can take to better assist our veterinarians in this vital service to ensure better patient outcomes for our dental patients.

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This is a virtual workshop


  • Wednesday, April 7, 2021
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