Advanced Dentistry for Vet Nurses

One-day workshop for Vet Nurses

Do you want to really master the skill of dental radiology? This workshop will see you return to clinic with the confidence and skills to take any dental x-ray on the first go and the understanding on how to correct common dental x-ray mistakes. You will also be able to understand the information your x-ray is giving you, enabling you to have high-level conversations with your vets. This one-of-a-kind workshop for nurses will see you take on the role of expert dental nurse in your clinic.

Key Learning Areas: 
  • Understanding common dental x-ray mistakes
  • Correcting dental x-ray positioning
  • Perfecting dental radiology technique
  • Interpreting dental x-rays to communicate with vets
  • Understand advanced dental procedures and nursing support
  • Client communication and advanced homecare advice






Available for: 
Vet Nurses
Expected value: 
7 points
Maggie Burley