Foundation Dentistry for Vet Nurses

Develop your skills and gain greater confidence in dental grading, scaling and polishing, dental radiology and home care communication. This workshop will provide you with the why behind the what you are doing in clinic. With a strong practical component, this workshop will see you return to clinic with the confidence to provide the gold standard of care to your dental patients.

Advanced Dentistry for Vet Nurses

Do you want to really master the skill of dental radiology? This workshop will see you return to clinic with the confidence and skills to take any dental x-ray on the first go and the understanding on how to correct common dental x-ray mistakes. You will also be able to understand the information your x-ray is giving you, enabling you to have high-level conversations with your vets. This one-of-a-kind workshop for nurses will see you take on the role of expert dental nurse in your clinic.

The Oral Exam that Every Patient Deserves

With up to 90% of our small animal patients affected by periodontal disease, the nurse’s role in performing oral examinations is more vital now than ever before. In this interactive workshop, nurses will be taken on an in-depth exploration of the oral examination on the conscious patient.

The Veterinary Nurses Role in Best Practice Dentistry

We want the client to say ‘yes’ so we can do our job as Vet Nurses – to treat the pet! In this interactive workshop, we will look at how we communicate & educate our clients around our dental procedures, gain an understanding of the pathophysiology of periodontal disease and learn the steps to providing Best Practice Care & Treatment to our Dental Patients.

Topics will include: Dental Charting and the performance of the Periodontal Examination, performing the Scale & Polish Procedure, and the care & maintenance of dental instruments.

Dental Radiography – Every Patient, Every Time!

Full-series Dental Radiographs are an important step in performing a thorough oral assessment, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Taking dental radiographs can have its challenges! The varied anatomy of our veterinary patients, along with the bi-secting angle certainly makes obtaining diagnostic radiographs for every patient, in a timely manner a challenge.

Oral Hygiene – A Tailored Approach

Without homecare, the efficacy of professional dental treatment is severely limited. Vet Nurses play a pivotal role in the success of a patient’s ongoing dental care. This interactive workshop focuses on providing veterinary nurses with the skills & knowledge to determine appropriate and tailored oral hygiene.

Conducting the Veterinary Nurse Dental Consultation

Veterinary Nurses play an integral role in the success of dental care programs. Adding to your knowledge and confidence in performing oral examinations on the conscious patient, this interactive workshop focusses on consultation room communication, time management and planning to introduce effective and efficient utilisation of the veterinary nurses’ skills in client education for the dental patient. Attendees will learn the skills to develop and structure Veterinary Nurse Dental Consultations to implement successful dental care programs into their practice.

Periodontal Treatment – Hand Instruments

The use of hand instrumentation in dentistry leads to better patient outcomes. When the proper treatment of periodontal disease is the removal of subgingival plaque, we need to take advantage of all equipment at our disposal. In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to various hand dental instruments, commonly found in most veterinary practices, to use in conjunction with ultrasonic scalers to ensure a proper treatment has been performed for every patient. We will go through the proper use and care of each of these instruments and how their use benefits the patient.

Dental Radiography – When Things Go Wrong

I just can’t get the angle right! How many times have you thought this when taking dental xrays? Taking diagnostic dental xrays every time for every patient takes time, practice and a thorough understanding of the subgingival anatomy of the oral cavity.

A Holistic Approach to Oral Hygiene

The success of any dental treatment is dependent on the introduction of a regular oral hygiene routine. With some many factors influencing Home Care recommendations, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is not a solution that best suits the variations we see in our dental patient population. In this workshop, discussion will be had around some of the more complex oral pathologies and how best to educate the client in these particular areas of care.