Dangerous Dog Handling

Available For Vets, Vet Nurses And Other Clinic Team Members

This full-day course provides participants with instruction and hands-on learning to identify the language of canine aggression and the appropriate responses to avoid or minimise injuries. This workshop is suitable for those who interact with dogs and cats during the execution of their work including; reception staff, kennel hands, veterinary nurses and veterinarians.

Key Learning Areas: 
  • Reading dogs and cats body language
  • Understanding prey drive
  • Understanding fear aggression
  • Understanding characteristics of dog and cat
  • Behaviour when eliciting the above
  • How to avoid a dog attack
  • What to do in a dog attack
  • Equipment and how to use it
  • What to do if a dog attacks a work colleague or member of the public while they are in
    the practice
  • How best to stop an attack
  • How to minimise injuries if a dog or cat attacks you


UVG & Vetcentric Member Cost: 
Available for: 
Vets, Vet Nurses
Steve Austin