Foundation Anaesthesia for Vet Nurses

This workshop is designed for both new and experienced nurses looking to update their anaesthesia knowledge and skills. This workshop will provide you with the foundation knowledge and skills you need to safely anaesthetise your patients. Incorporating the latest research and advancements, this workshop will enable you to develop and affirm your confidence in anaesthetising patients.

This course is a pre-requisite to our Advanced Anaesthesia for Vet Nurses Workshop.

Advanced Anaesthesia for Vet Nurses

This workshop is designed for veterinary nurses looking to enhance their knowledge of anaesthetising the compromised patient. Unfortunately, not every patient will be an ASA Risk Classification I, and it is crucial that veterinary nurses understand how to provide a safe as possible anaesthesia. This workshop is unlike any other offered in Australia and New Zealand for veterinary nurses.

Anaesthesia & Monitoring

Throughout this interactive webinar you will learn how to use both mechanical and manual monitoring aids as gold standard. Learning how to interpret readings and how to accurately record these to detect any trends during anaesthesia.