South Australia

Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Available for: Vet Nurses

Address: 421 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park, South Australia 5041 Australia

Cost: $799.00

Expected Value: 7.5 points

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One-day workshop for Veterinary Nurses

The Surgical Nursing Workshop is looking at ‘best practice’ from the point of view of the Veterinary Nurse to build their confidence in assisting the Veterinary surgeon, provide support for the patient and take ownership of their role in maintaining high standards in surgical nursing. You will be guided through the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases of surgical nursing. Nurses will take home skills & knowledge to nurse their patients from admission, preparation for their surgical procedure / hospital admission, their subsequent anaesthetic/sedation event, hospital stay and recovery to discharge.

Key Learning Areas:

• Preparing the patient, the theatre, and the personnel, including surgical site preparation, scrub solutions and techniques, gowning & gloving of surgical personnel, maintaining asepsis
• Understanding best theatre practices in maintaining sterility, surgical instruments and other associated surgical equipment
• Understanding the role in assisting the surgeon from positioning and securing the patient, the role & responsibilities of the scrubbed-in surgical nurse, including specific procedures
• Understanding complications associated with surgery itself and appropriate responses
• Postoperative care such as wound cleaning, bandage application, and drains
• Postoperative cleaning routines, instrument cleaning, and sterilization

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  • Jane Roberts

    AVN, Cert IV TAE, Diploma Surgical, VN

  • Jasmine Feeney

    AVN, Cert IV TAE, Cert IV VN, DipVN (ECC)

  • Jo Hatcher

    AVN, Cert IV TAE, Cert IV VN, Dip VN, RVN

  • Maggie Burley

    Cert IV TAE, Cert IV VN, Dip VN (Dentistry), RVN, VTS (Dentistry)