Date: Thursday, August 10, 2023

Available for: Veterinarians

Address: 8/37 Keilor Park Drive Keilor Park, Victoria 3042 Australia

Cost: $1.899

Expected Value: 16 points

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One-Day wet lab and workshop For Veterinarians

Gain more confidence, create new enthusiasm and enhance your surgical skills and capabilities to provide a better service and experience to your patients and clients. The sad reality is that oncology cases are presented to clinics on a daily basis. This workshop is ideal for Veterinarians with a deep desire to influence a difference in the quality of life of their patients.​

Key Learning Areas:

• Understanding the general principles of surgical oncology
• Oral tumors – Fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, melanoma, acanthomatous ameloblastoma, squamous cell carcinoma
• Soft tissue sarcomas
• Mast cell tumors
• Osteosarcomas
• Anal sac adenocarcinomas
• Understanding general principles of surgical oncology with sample tumor resections – antebrachium, lateral abdominal wall with flank fold flap reconstruction
• Partial mandibulectomy
• Toe amputation

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  • Dr Charles Kuntz

    Fellow of Surgical Oncology, MACVSc College of Veterinary Surgeons, MS, Registered Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, Specialist Surgeon DVM