Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Available for: Veterinarians

Address: Unit 1, 28 Burnside Road Ormeau, Queensland 4208 Australia

Cost: $1.899

Expected Value: 16 points

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One-Day Wet Lab And Workshop

Are you ready to take your dentistry skills to the next level? Master the skills of pulp capping, jaw fracture repair, inter-arcade canine fixation and more. With a focus on learning the technical skills, you will also learn how to communicate these advanced treatment options to your clients.​

This level III workshop will offer participants the opportunity to perform a vital pulpotomy procedure (pulp capping) for elective or recently fractured teeth with an exposed pulp (complicated crown fracture).​

Participants will receive expert tuition on all aspects of the pulpotomy procedure, including dental materials and instrumentation/equipment requirements, and hands on guidance in performing the procedure on canine teeth.​

Prior attendance at our Dentistry I, and at least one of our Dentistry II workshops are pre-requisites for this workshop, and will assist candidates interested in sitting membership examinations in dentistry.

Key Learning Areas:

• Dental radiology and interpretation
• Pulp capping
• Jaw fracture repair
• Inter-arch canine fixation
• Client communication

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  • Dr Anthony Caiafa

    BDSc, BVSc, MANZCVS, Veterinary Dentist