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Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Available for: Veterinarians

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Cost: $1.999

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One-Day Wet Lab And Workshop for Veterinarians

Take the next step to further enhance your dentistry skills with our Dentistry II workshop. Dentistry II: Feline takes a deeper dive into the unique differences in the advanced dental care of cats compared to dogs, with a focus on feline dental diseases as well as extraction tips and techniques. Each workshop has a strong practical component with a large portion of time spent fine-tuning your skills in all aread of feline dentistry.

We strongly recommend completing our Dentistry I workshop prior to registering for this workshop.

Key Learning Areas:

• Dental radiology and interpretation
• Diagnosis of common feline dental pathologies
• Extraction techniques, review, and mastery
• Tooth sealing and preservation
• Client communication
• Workplace health and safety

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