The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Registration Scheme is the national registration scheme for veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians involved in clinical, management or academic areas.

Veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians can belong to a professional body that advocates for the professionalism of the veterinary nurse and veterinary technician.  Under current Australian legislation there is no definition of what a veterinary nurse is. Outside of WA there is no regulation or statutory code of conduct and no requirement to maintain currency and fitness to practise within veterinary nursing. The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA) has taken the position that unqualified and unregulated veterinary staff potentially expose the public and animal patients to harm and increase liability for veterinary practices.  

By creating the AVNAT Registration Scheme, the VNCA has established a thorough and transparent self-regulation program that will set standards of professional practice across the veterinary nursing industry.

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BCF Ultrasound is a leading veterinary ultrasound supplier in Australia and New Zealand. They offer a range of high quality veterinary ultrasound equipment that has been specifically selected to suit veterinary professionals needs. Whether you are scanning the tendons of a racehorse, checking fertility in cattle, undertaking research into endangered sharks or monitoring someone’s beloved pet, BCF Ultrasound are here to help match your requirements to the ultrasound solution best for you.

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The Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) group is one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. BI believe in a future in which no animal suffers from a preventable disease. It is a world in which the best way to ensure an animal’s wellbeing is to prevent it from becoming unwell in the first place. BI’s approach is to provide advanced, preventative animal healthcare, and to continue practicing excellence, innovation and value in the discovery of new medicines.

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Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre (BVSC) is a purpose built, state of the art veterinary facility providing outstanding modern medical and surgical equipment. It is a place where clients will find veterinary professionals dedicated to animal health and the wellbeing of the pet and the owner.

BVSC’s innovative facility includes three sterile surgical suites, a high energy radiation therapy linear accelerator with a three dimensional treatment planner, a large fully equipped intensive care unit with modern patient ventilators, a CT scanner, access to MRI, a computerized radiography suite, ultrasonography, endoscopy and arthroscopy equipment, an in-house automated laboratory, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, two I-131 treatments for hyperthyroid in cats and much more.

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Dr Cam Day is a Veterinarian consulting full-time in pet behaviour in South-East Queensland, Australia. He gained membership with the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1995. He is also a media presenter. On a daily basis, Dr Cam consults with dog and cat owners about the mood aberrations of their pets. He helps to solve problems such as anxiety and panic disorders, compulsive behaviours and many other pet behavioural aberrations which create worrisome moods such as aggression, excessive vocalising, separation anxiety, noise panic disorders, house-soiling behaviours and self-harming behaviours.

Dr Cam is committed to animal welfare. He was the inaugural Chair of the Queensland State Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, a role he maintained from 2004 until October 2013. He is a past Adjunct Associate Profession with the University of Queensland Veterinary School. He conducted veterinary talk-back radio on ABC Radio and Radio 4BC continuously from 1984 to 2015 and has presented on television many times.

Dr Cam maintains an online pet behaviour advice service via the Pethealth Project which provides DIY information on pet behavioural issues.

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Driven to innovate and with a proven record of double-digit growth, Ceva is one of the fastest growing top 10 animal healthcare companies. Their vision reaches far beyond animal health and welfare. The health of animals, people and the planet are inextricably linked. The world needs a holistic approach to health, that understands that, by protecting the health of animals and our environment, we protect our own health and future.

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Crampton Consulting Group has over sixteen years experience solely servicing the Australasian veterinary industry. With over 240 years of experience in our team, our aim is to work with you and your practice to develop solutions that work for you, not everyone else. The benefits of engaging a CCG Business Consultant, Coach or Trainer are:

  • Improves your bottom line
  • Reduces your running costs
  • Encourages the practice environment to be positive, co-operative and productive
  • Improves communication skills for the practice and staff
  • Greater responsibility and professional recognition for you and your team
  • Professional and personal development
  • Enhanced motivation and job satisfaction amongst your team
  • Implements people management systems (to do less managing)
  • Delivers savings in time, energy and money for you
  • Contributes to the total ‘wellness’ of your people thus making you an employer of choice

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition is dedicated to helping pets reach their full potential through quality nutrition and healthcare. Their unrivaled devotion to healthy, happy pets drives everything they do. Hill’s have an extensive range of life stage and prescription foods.

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iM3 is a family owned veterinary Dental Company established in Sydney Australia over 28 years ago. In that time, iM3 has grown to become a leading veterinary dental company setting the standard in product innovation, industry firsts and continuing education. iM3 prides itself on providing the best possible after sales and customer technical support in the industry. Their dental only focus and the fact that iM3 manufacturers its own dental machines at their three locations means you are dealing with knowledgeable and experienced people who can offer you sound advice. You can have confidence knowing that leading dental specialist worldwide use and recommend iM3 products.

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IDEXX Small Animal Health provides diagnostic products and services to veterinary practices, including state-of-the-art pet-side tests and bench-top laboratory systems, and more.

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In order to help veterinarians identify high quality continuing profession development (CPD), the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) has, in consultation with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ), recently developed a new accreditation “tick” for CPD courses.

By choosing an NZVA accredited course veterinarians can be confident that the it meets the required standards for CPD as determined by VCNZ guidelines.

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The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association was set up in 1992 to promote the profession of veterinary nursing in New Zealand. Having grown from small beginnings, the Association now has over 1200 members in practices throughout the country and a number of overseas members, all of whom regularly are kept in touch with veterinary nursing issues through our online newsletters, quarterly journal and an annual conference and regional meetings.

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OssAbility are designers and manufacturers of veterinary orthopaedic implants and instruments. They treat canine cranial cruciate ligament disease using 3D printed titanium implants and clever instrumentation. OssAbility help you do great surgery by providing the right tools, education and ongoing support. Their people are veterinary surgeons and engineers. Like you, they are here because they love watching animals live healthy and active lives. OssAbility embrace new technology and are committed to evidence-based medicine and systems. Ultimately, their products reflect the lessons learned in decades of research and help you give the best possible care to your clients. 

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Provet’s vision has always been to be more than just a Veterinary distributor, they partner with their clients providing added value to help them build better businesses. Provet offer an extensive selection of Veterinary products at highly competitive prices including the Henry Schein Brand range of products. The vale-added business solutions and outstanding customer service are what continue to differentiate them.

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REM SYSTEMS is a specialised medical equipment distribution company supplying hospitals, health clinics, medical practices and veterinary clinics throughout New Zealand.

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At Royal Canin, they make the most precise and effective nutrition for cats and dogs based on breed, size, age, lifestyle, weight, gender, digestion, their genetic makeup and to address other specific needs. To do this, they have accumulated vast knowledge about cats and dogs that only extensive observation and tireless dialogue with pet professionals, breeders, veterinarians and owners can provide. But even that isn’t enough. In order to create health nutrition that makes a difference for cats and dogs, they maintain constant respect for their fundamental animal nature and unique nutritional needs. At all times and in all ways, cats and dogs are at the centre of everything they do.

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SVS Pathology Network services the veterinary market by offering a very special pathology service, one that focuses on their requirements and is willing to listen and react. Their difference is our unique mixture of highly qualified people and our client-oriented approach. SVS Pathology have a combined experience of over 120 years in veterinary pathology with names most of you already know and trust. Combined with clinical experience in both general and referral practice, they have created a perfect team that really understands your needs.

Pathology is their passion, they take great pride in our profession ensuring results they produce are of the highest possible standards. Their clinical approach ensures they deliver practical and relevant advice on case management while remaining available to discuss and follow up on their results.

For more information on the SVS Pathology Network, please see below for your relevant SVS Pathology state link.

VetQuip is a veterinary distributor that specialises in supplying their customers with an extensive range of veterinary products from Anaesthesia, Monitoring, Lighting Orthopaedic equipment and much more. With a comprehensive line of products from a range of leading manufacturers, it is no wonder that veterinarians trust Vetquip for the very best products and equipment for their practices.

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Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines and vaccines designed to meet the real-world needs of veterinarians and the livestock farmers and companion animal owners they support.

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