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One day workshop


Vet Nurses

In this workshop you will take your skills to the next level. Performing a conscious oral examination on patients goes far beyond a quick flip of the lip and looking for red gums & tartar buildup. You will formalise your nurse dental check into a value-add consultation for your client along with a more thorough approach to the conscious oral examination.

This workshop will also see you return to clinic with the confidence and skills to take any dental x-ray on the first go and the understanding on how to correct common dental x-ray mistakes. This one-of-a-kind workshop for Nurses will see you take on the role of Dental Champion in your clinic.

We strongly recommend completing our Dentistry for Veterinary Nurses I workshop prior to registering for this workshop.

Key learning areas:

  • Formalising the Nurse Dental Check
  • Performance of Conscious Oral Examination
  • Understanding common dental x-ray mistakes
  • Correcting dental x-ray positioning
  • Dental instrumentation and their proper care & maintenance
  • Holistic approach to dental homecare
  • Facilitator


    Maggie Burley

    Cert IV TAE, Cert IV VN, Dip VN (Dentistry), RVN, VTS (Dentistry)

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