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One day workshop



BOAS is a complex multifactorial disease that can result in profound respiratory distress. This course will concentrate on the three most popular extreme brachycephalic breeds (French bulldog, pug and bulldog) and explain the different lesion sites, disease recognition and risk factors.

There will be a hands-on practical session to teach different types of soft palate reduction, tonsillectomy, nostril surgery and saccule resection. We will also review the management of cases that require emergency airway surgery. New surgical procedures will be discussed. Pre-operative and post-operative care will be highlighted to decrease surgical complications.

Key learning areas:

  • Risk Factors and disease recognition for BOAS
  • How to perform a thorough assessment of brachycephalic patients
  • Anaesthetic management, preoperative planning and postoperative management
  • Surgical techniques for airway surgery
  • Management of acute airway crisis
  • Facilitator


    Dr Ben Mielke

    BVSc (Hons), MRCVS

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