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One day workshop



Gain more confidence, create new enthusiasm and enhance your surgical skills and capabilities to provide a better service and experience to your patients and clients.

Our Abdominal Surgery workshops is designed to be a hands-on practical workshop to enhance your skills in various aspects of abdominal surgery. This workshop is ideal for Veterinarians wanting to spend time practicing surgical techniques on cadavers, with close supervision by our experienced tutors.

Key learning areas:

  • Preparing a patient for exploratory laparotomy, drug choices – analgesia, antibiotics
  • Avoiding peek and shriek (standard approach and evaluation of the abdomen)
  • Tips for Gastrointestinal surgery – identifying issues, suture type/pattern choice, use of suction and cautery
  • Assessing GI tissue viability
  • Organ biopsy methods: liver, pancreas, lymph node, intestinal
  • Simple enterotomy, gastropexy (prophylactic), gastrotomy, serosal patching, omentalisation
  • Oesophagostomy tube placement
  • Post op care
  • Facilitator


    Dr Andrew Worth

    BVSc, PGDipVCLinSc, PhD

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